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Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country known for its lush landscapes, vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine. Visitors to Vietnam can experience a range of activities, from exploring bustling cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to relaxing on the country's beautiful beaches.

One popular destination in Vietnam is Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage site located in the Gulf of Tonkin. The bay is home to thousands of limestone islands and islets, many of which can be explored by boat. Visitors can also take a cruise on the bay, which offers stunning views of the islands and the surrounding area.

Another must-see destination in Vietnam is Hoi An, an ancient town located in central Vietnam. Hoi An is known for its well-preserved architecture, traditional houses, and colorful lanterns. Visitors can take a stroll through the town's historic streets, shop for souvenirs, and indulge in the local cuisine.

For those looking for a more adventure, Vietnam is home to several national parks, including Cuc Phuong National Park and Bach Ma National Park. These parks offer a range of activities, such as hiking, bird watching, and exploring caves.

Vietnam also has a rich cultural heritage, with many temples, pagodas and museums to visit. The War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City is a must-see for those interested in the country's history, while the Temple of Literature in Hanoi is a great place to learn about Vietnamese culture and traditions.

In terms of food, Vietnam is famous for its delicious and healthy cuisine. Some popular dishes include pho noodle soup, banh mi sandwiches, and spring rolls. Many street vendors and local restaurants offer delicious and affordable food.

Overall, Vietnam offers a wide range of activities and experiences for visitors, including beautiful landscapes, rich culture, delicious food, and plenty of adventure.

Vietnam Travel Information

Vietnam (pronunciation: [vjɛtˈnɑm]; Vietnamese: Việt Nam[3]), officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is a country in Southeast Asia. With 98,176,244 (2021) inhabitants, Vietnam is one of the sixteen most populous countries in the world. The capital is northern Hanoi (Hà Nội) and the largest city is southern Ho Chi Minh City (Thành Phố Hồ Chí Minh), formerly Saigon.

Vietnam is located on the Indochina Peninsula and is bordered by China to the north, by the Gulf of Tonkin and the Chinese island of Hainan within it to the northeast, by the South China Sea to the southeast, by Cambodia to the southwest, and by Laos in the northwest. Indochina is a geographical term for that part of Asia that consists of present-day Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Sometimes (eastern) Thailand is also included. Vietnam is particularly influenced by China, while Thailand, Cambodia and Laos are culturally more towards India.

Since the reunification of North and South Vietnam in 1976, following the Vietnam War, the country has been a socialist people's republic. The Communist Party of Vietnam is the only political party in control, although since 1986 political and economic reforms have involved the country increasingly involved in international diplomacy and the world economy. In the early years of the 21st century, Vietnam's economic growth is one of the highest in the region.[4] The successful economic reforms resulted in his joining the World Trade Organization in 2007.


Vietnam has seventeen airports, including three international airports: Nội Bài in Hanoi, Đà Nẵng Airport in Đà Nẵng and Tân Sơn Nhất in Ho Chi Minh City. Some other airports are Liên Khương, Phu Bai International Airport, Cam Ranh International Airport, Cát Bi International Airport and Can Thơ Airport. Some future airports are Phú Quốc International Airport and Long Thanh International Airport. Vietnam Airlines is the flag carrier of Vietnam. Other Vietnamese airlines include Air Mekong, Jetstar Pacific Airlines, VietJet Air and VASCO.

Vietnam's first rail line is the Reunification Express, connecting Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. From Hanoi there are lines to the northeast, north and west. The eastern one goes from Hanoi to Hạ Long Bay, the northern line from Hanoi to Thái Nguyên and the northeastern line from Hanoi to Lào Cai.

Vietnam also has some major ports, such as the port of Đà Nẵng, Cam Ranh, Hải Phòng, Saigon Port in Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Gai, Quy Nhơn, and Nha Trang. Inland there is a network of rivers with a transport capacity of approx

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